Saturday, October 24, 2009

With Halloween Approaching ...

Halloween is coming up next week, and the Grade 1 students will be celebrating it on Friday, October 30th. We have a number of special events planned for this day including two Skype calls: one to a Grade 1 class in Moosejaw, Saskatchewan and one to a Grade 2 class in St. Louis, Missouri. In preparation for these calls, Miss Dunsiger's class will be writing clues about possible Halloween costumes. We will be posting these clues as tweets on our Grade 1 Twitter Page. The Grade 2 class is going to try and guess our costumes based on these tweets.

All of the Grade 1 classes are also going to learn a special poem that we will be reading to the other classes during our Skype call. The other classes are going to read us a poem too. The students can't wait to share their reading skills with other students from around the world!

The Grade 1 classes are also going to be completing a special 3-D art project based on Where the Wild Things Are. They will be making their plasticine models on Friday, and then commenting on these models next week. This art project lines up directly with our new Arts' curriculum document.

We can't wait for what is sure to be a very exciting day!
The Grade 1 Team

Important Note: Please do not send in any treats for Halloween. We have a number of life-threatening allergies in Grade 1 and in the rest of the school, and we do not want anyone to have an allergic reaction due to the treats. Thank you for being so understanding about this!

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