Saturday, January 30, 2010

JING Blog Entry On Symmetry

Click on this link to view this week's video blog entry.

At the Brock Tech Showcase on Friday, @mrjarbenne taught me about Jing: an online tool that allows you to record screencasts. I used this tool today to make a video screencast of a Symmetry Wordle that a group of my students created last week during math centres. I would love for you to comment here and let me know about other symmetrical items that could be added to this Wordle.

Thanks for your help!


@jjash said...

work. What a great idea. I also thought it would be good to do this in voice thread because then people could post and audio comment and jing records video of the screen but this is a picture. Have you tried voice thread? I am going to share your work with the teachers at my school. They will love it.

@jjash said...

Oops a couple of typos....that should be WOW! not work. Don't know how that happened.

Also I forgot to say "thankyou for sharing this"


Aviva said...

Thanks for your comments! I hope that the teachers at your school like what we did.

We've used VoiceThread many times before too, but that would be a great way to record this information as well. It's always nice using a variety of tools!