Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Progressive Story Project Video

Thanks to @kditzler, my class is involved in the Progressive Story Project. We are writing a short story with four other classes: one in Virginia, two in Texas, and one in Pennsylvania. My class got to write the second paragraph in the story. We wrote the paragraph together as a class, and then the students worked on their own to draw the picture cues to accompany the text. Below is a slideshow that my students made of their pictures for this story. Looking at these pictures and what we wrote, what do you think might happen next in the story? Please leave us a comment here and let us know. We can't wait to read what the next class writes!

Miss Dunsiger's Class


jgriffith said...

They jumped up in a tree to escape the dragon! How did I do? I like your illustrations. Isn't it fun to write stories with others and predict what they'll add? We started the story this time and it was challenging to take all of our ideas and come to a consensus, but we're excited to see what the other classes write next. Enjoy!

Aviva said...

Good idea! We can't wait to see how the other classes will end the story. This is a great project! Thanks for the comment!