Thursday, September 16, 2010

Best Pet Video

For our Read Aloud this week, we read the story, The Best Pet. The students then created a pet puppet that merged two different pets. For this design challenge, they needed to use a combination of paper bags, construction paper, and crayons and/or pencil crayons. Then they used the document camera to take a picture of their pet, and together, they made this video. Please leave a comment here helping us name these wonderful pets! You can also visit the Live With Livescribe Blog to see how we used the Livescribe Pen during Meet the Teacher Night to help us with this activity too!



Ms. Gill (aka @Gill_Ville) said...

Wow! Great job! I think that you've created a new category of animals called bipets. I like naming the group this because they come from 2 pets and some other words that start with "bi" come from words meaning 2 of something. For example, a bicycle has 2 wheels or bilingual means 2 languages. I think that each special bipet should be named by mixing up some of the letters in the names of the pets they were created from. For example, a puppy and a bird could become a purd or a bippy. This sounds like a really fun activity. Thanks for sharing this neat idea!

Aviva said...

Thanks for your comment! I love the name possibilities. I'll definitely share them with my students tomorrow.