Friday, December 10, 2010

Explaining Their Thinking

In math this week, my student teacher, Nicki, planned some exciting centres that reviewed money and introduced patterning for Grades 1 and 2. During centre time today, I sat down with a group of Grade 2 students completing a money activity. They needed to make different coin amounts using different numbers of coins (e.g., make me 85 cents using 6 coins). I recorded the students as they explained their thinking. Wow! What amazing math talk! Thank you, Nicki, for planning such engaging centres that not only allowed the children to think, but to communicate their thinking too.



Mrs. McCrory said...

Great math talk grade two's.

Mr. Fines said...

Thanks for showing us how to explain our thinking. Great job kids.

Mr. Fines and your kindergarten friends in Montana, USA.

Aviva said...

Thank you, Mrs. McCrory and Mr. Fines! Glad you like our math talk.

Miss Dunsiger's Class