Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Busy Builders

Both the Grade 1's and 2's were hard at work building in the classroom today. My Grade 1 students were challenged to build a chair to hold Eeyore. They could either build one for the baby Eeyore or the big Eeyore, but their chair needed to support his weight. Students worked together to create the chair and make changes to it along the way. Have a look at our video to see if all of the chairs worked.

The Grade 2 students worked in partners to create different simple machines using pulleys and gears. They needed to work together and follow instructions. They were reading with meaning and having a lot of fun as well! Students quickly realized the importance of teamwork.

I'd love to hear what your children thought of these activities. What did they learn from them? Please add a comment here and let me know. Thanks for your help with this!



Tammy said...


I wonder if Eeyore liked sitting on the wood or the plastic chairs best. I like the log chair the best. Do you think you could make one for me? Would you be able to use the same size logs?

Great building.

Aviva said...

Thanks for your comment! My students will be so happy to read what you wrote. Glad you liked the buildings!