Friday, September 30, 2011

Videos From The Terry Fox Run

We had a lot of fun today taking part in the Terry Fox Run! See and hear what some people had to say about this run. We hope you enjoy our videos!

Miss Dunsiger's Class



Wow!! What a great way to showcase your classes' success Aviva!! Please congratulate your students from me. They are helping us all to remember and support a hero that fought for an important cause.

Aviva said...

Thanks Zoe! I definitely will pass on a congratulations! I'm so glad my students suggested bringing out the flip cam. I'll do this in future years too.


Mrs. Boekhout said...

Dear Aviva & students,
Congratulations on your great run AND on your Glogster poster to present it! I will have to investigate flipcams! We had a pretty soggy doggy day for our run, here in Coquitlam, BC, but Terry Fox went to the elementary school just down the road from us, so we made sure we KEPT ON TRYING with a true Terry spirit!

Aviva said...

That's fantastic, Mrs. Boekhout! Glad to hear that you kept on trying despite the soggy day.

Thanks for the comment!