Friday, October 15, 2010

Animal Story Show And Tell

As my students are using a variety of tools more often, they are quickly realizing the different purposes for each of these tools too. Today, one student was getting ready to start her Show and Tell, and she said to me, "Miss Dunsiger, can I use the document camera? I want everyone to see the pictures in my book as I explain them." What a great reason to use this tool! I happily agreed, and she opened up the Notebook software (on my laptop), clicked on the document camera button on the toolbar, and turned on the document camera too. I love how independent my students are becoming at using these tools as well!

After she started her Show and Tell, I realized what great information she was sharing, and we decided to use the recording feature (from that point, on) to record her presentation. Hope you enjoy it as much as my students did!



Mrs. Foss-Silveira said...

Wow! What detail! I am going to share this entry with my grade 6 class on Monday. We are studying biodiversity. Thanks for sharing.

Patti Harju said...

Wonderful! You continue to amaze me Miss D! Wonderful use of the Doc cam by your student.

Aviva said...

@Mrs. Foss-Silveira: Wow! Thank you! I will have to share your comment with my student on Monday. She'll be thrilled that you're sharing her work with your Grade 6 class.

@Patti Harju: Thank you so much! It's my students that continue to amaze me. I'm so glad that she suggested using the document camera today. It turned out to be a great way to share her Show and Tell with the world!


Marla said...

That was absolutely awesome. You told about those pictures with interesting information! Nice job!

Aviva said...

Thanks Marla! I'll share your comment with my student on Monday. She'll be thrilled that you liked it!


All things Great and Small said...

Wow! I was really impressed with the way you explained each page carefully and in a lot of detail. You must really love animals!
Miss Mac

Aviva said...

Thank you so much, Miss Mac! I think that my student will love your comment, and I'll make sure to share it with her at school tomorrow.