Thursday, October 21, 2010

Our Special Collaboration: A Halloween Story

For Halloween, my class decided to join with Mr. McDonald's class (from Manitoba) to write a Halloween story. Each class wrote their own pattern story, and then we exchanged the stories to illustrate. We are going to take these stories and put them into VoiceThread to create digital storybooks that we will read together on Halloween. This will be a very special shared reading activity brought to life thanks to Skype.

Today, my students worked in partners to illustrate the stories. They needed to work together using one piece of paper to create a picture that matched the text in the story. Here is a short Animoto slideshow of this great teamwork. I was so pleased with what the students did! Please use this slideshow to help talk to your child about this exciting Language and Art activity, and then check back on the blog on Halloween weekend to see our completed VoiceThread stories.



KathyPerret said...

I'm very impressed with your collaborative project! I hope you all continue to have fun with it!

Will you be sharing your stories on your blog?

Kathy Perret, Instructional Coach
Sioux City, Iowa

Carrie said...

I'd love to show your digital story to my grade ones if you choose to post it.

Aviva said...

Thanks Carrie and Kathy! I will be posting both VoiceThreads (with the words of the stories and the pictures) on my blog next weekend. You can definitely share the stories if you want! So glad you like the sound of the project.

Many thanks for commenting!