Monday, February 14, 2011

100th Day & Valentine's Day: Learning Should Be Fun!

Today was both the 100th Day of School and Valentine's Day. It was definitely cause for a big celebration ... but why can't we have both learning and fun together? This was certainly my theme for today, and as I said goodbye to my students and they said to me, "This was the best day EVER," I know that I succeeded.

A special "thank you" to my amazing Twitter PLN that encouraged my students all day today by replying to their numerous tweets. We didn't quite make 100 tweets today, but with the last few that students sent on their way out the door today, we got to 88, and hopefully we can do those final 12 tomorrow. Without all of you, I know that we wouldn't have gotten half as far. You were our cheering section today, and so a special cheer for you: "Give me a T. Give me an H. Give me an A. Give me an N. Give me a K. Give me an S. What does that spell? Thanks, thanks, and more thanks. You're awesome!"

Below is an Animoto Slideshow of our very exciting day:

I'd love to hear from the students here:

What activity did you enjoy the most? Why did you like it?

Please feel free to leave a comment and share your thoughts. A very special happy 100th Day and happy Valentine's Day to all of you!



Mrs. Cameron said...

Wow, your day looked like a lot of fun! I sure liked seeing what you have learned! Congratulations on your 100th day of school this year and Happy Valentine's Day!

Mrs. Cameron
Grade 3 Teacher
Stony Plain, Alberta

Aviva said...

Thanks for your comment, Mrs. Cameron! It really was a fantastic day of school. I think that we all had a lot of fun!


Mrs Justrabo Gr. 1 Thamesford Ont. said...

I really like the 100 things we know. I want to do that with my grade 1 class too! Thanks for the idea.

Aviva said...

You're welcome, Mrs. Justrabo! Glad you liked it. My students really enjoyed this activity!