Thursday, February 17, 2011

Talking About Math

I love to get video footage during classroom activities. It's great to hear what students have to say, and I really enjoy listening to them explaining their learning. During math centres today, I took short video clips of three students explaining "symmetry."

How would your child define symmetry? What objects can you think of that are symmetrical? Please help us learn together!

Miss Dunsiger and Her Grade 1/2 Class


Joe Fahs said...

Dear students of Miss Dunsiger's class,

Thank you for sharing your drawings and explaining so clearly what symmetry means. I learned a lot, which means you are teachers too!

Mr. Fahs (I used to teach math)

Aviva said...

Thanks Mr. Fahs! I'll share your comment with my students tomorrow. They'll be thrilled!


Steve Ransom said...

Lovely symmetry art. I wonder how many symmetrical things can be found in nature.

Aviva said...

Thanks for the comment, Steve! I wonder that too. I'll have to explore the link with my class.